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Journey to Australian Permanent Residency – Shruti and Vivek Handa

Click on the image to watch how Kris assisted Shruti and Vivek to obtain their Permanent Residency in Australia.


Subclass 457 Visa


Shruti & Vivek first met Kris back in late 2012, as they engaged him to apply for their subclass 457 visa with a sponsor who claimed to have newly acquired a Hair Salon.


The Sponsorship, Nomination and visa were lodged without any issues, but it later turned out that the Sponsor was fraudulent, and he was never going to open and operate the hair salon.


The Department had issued a Natural Justice letter to the Clients which meant that they were given 28 days to either withdraw the lodged 457 visa or find another sponsor to attach their 457 visa application.


When this happened, Shruti, Vivek and Kris had a number of extensive consultations. Shruti and Vivek decided to establish their own boutique hair salon as per Kris’ guidance. As a capacity of a lawyer, Kris assisted them to establish a legal entity/ company and helped them with purchasing an existing hair salon.


The business purchase was strategic in that he had advised them to establish their business in a regional area to take the opportunity of applying for the RSMS visa – which is an Australian Permanent Visa.


Despite their initial despair with a fraudulent 457 sponsor, their 457 visa was successfully granted when the business establishment and transaction were completed.


RSMS visa (subclass 187)


Soon after their 457 visa was granted, Kris and the clients rolled out their plan and lodged the clients’ RSMS visa, which was of course granted as planned.


Why are they so memorable?


One of many reasons why we love about our job is being part of our clients’ journey of migrating to Australia. Migrating is becoming a common word that is extremely frequently used and heard, but we never forget its true value and meaning.


Migrants, who are most of our clients, have spent more than tens of thousands of dollars – which can literally be someone’s lifetime savings in their country – to come to a country where they may not speak the language, leaving the people that they know, love and can trust.


Shruti and Vivek were these migrants, who were subject to something beyond this and was subject to a migration fraud. Their continued trust in Kris, after going through what they went through, is far more valuable than anything. They trusted Kris to not only be part of their migration journey but also for establishing their very first business in Australia.


With our deepest gratitude, Shruti and Vivek we thank you for putting your trust in Kris.