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Journey to Australian Permanent Residency – Anne & Nirosh Karunarathne

Click on the image to watch how Kris assisted Anne and Nirosh to obtain their Permanent Residency in Australia.


First Engagement: Subclass 457 visa


Anne came to see Kris 3 weeks before her Student visa expires. She had completed her Bachelor of Education in Music, but at the time she had no other visa option as she was not eligible for the graduate visa or any other skilled visas.


During the consultation, Kris found out that she was working as a piano tutor, and using this fact, Kris suggested and advised them an option of self-sponsorship.


Back then self-sponsorship was not common and was avoided by many migration agents and lawyers, simply because of their inexperience. However, with his legal knowledge, Kris identified that creating a company under the Corporations Act 2001, the legal entity as a separate individual, we could create a lawful employer-employee relationship.


Anne & Nirosh (quite possibly out of desperation!) agreed to Kris’ advice and instructed him to proceed with this application. The matter was very successful and their visa was granted without any issues.


Second engagement: Subclass 186 Visa


Unfortunately, due to the client’s accountant’s negligence, the business’ accounting records were in a terrible shape, and hence Kris could not help apply for the 186 permanent visa when they should have been eligible.


As a result, Kris referred them to an accountant that he trusted from his selected network of professionals.


The new accountant and Kris worked very closely to ensure that the company’s financials were properly recorded and reported, and from there Kris was able to assist them with their permanent residency application – which was also successful.


Why are they so memorable?


One of many reasons why we love our job is being part of our clients’ journey of migrating to Australia. Migrating is becoming a common word that is extremely frequently used and heard, but we never forget its true value and meaning.


Migrants, who are most of our clients, have spent more than tens of thousands of dollars – which can literally be someone’s lifetime savings in their country – to come to a country where they may not speak the language, leaving the people they know, love and can trust.


Anne and Nirosh were among those migrants and we are truly honored to be part of their migration journey. Their continued trust in Kris as their migration agent and lawyer for their Australian permanent residency visa years later was, of course, the biggest compliment that any migration advocate could ask for.


With our deepest gratitude, we would like to thank Anne and Nirosh for their ongoing trust.