Agape Henry Crux – because representation matters for migration matters

Agape Henry & Co. and Crux Migration are no more, but Agape Henry Crux. As of 1 April 2019, the two specialist immigration firms have merged into a super-firm. Agape Henry Crux is spearheaded by the leaders, Jason Ling and Kris Ahn, both Accredited Specialists in Immigration Law.


The two leaders crossed paths at a conference less than a year ago. Merely after a few exchanges – here we are. This merger was only natural. Crux admired Agape’s proactive and ingenious ways to pave through the complex Australian migration laws, and Agape praised Crux’s finesse.


The merger superimposes two firms’ greatest strengths, their knowledge and expertise in the Australian immigration law. We have retained each firm’s talents, clients and resources. As a powerful combined force, our presence is already nodding heads in this heavily saturated market.


Stronger together, we promise to continue to deliver a full turnkey solution to any immigration-related matters, our clients as our focus.


Our clients, from single individuals to listed multi-national corporations are exposed to the chaos of ever-changing and never consistent operation of the immigration law. We aim to be the antidote to this chaos.


The two firms share similar cultures and values, which means our clients can expect a superior level of commitment, expertise, and high-level service.


Every migration firm state that they are experts or specialists. However, let’s have the numbers speak. There are over 7,300 migration professionals and less than 100 accredited specialists in immigration law in all of Australia. Agape Henry Crux is home to 2 of those accredited specialists; making us the real leaders in our industry.


It is no secret that immigration law is the most complex law in Australia, therefore, representation matters for migration matters.


Even though we are now Agape Henry Crux, you’ll be pleased to know that Kris and the Crux team will continue to work on your matter until a decision is made. As for our future clients, you will have access to our team as well as access to a greater pool of Immigration Lawyers with a broader range of capability and expertise.


Immigration to Australia is a dream for many people, and Agape Henry Crux shares your dreams. If you are our existing clients and have concerns or would like to discuss this, don’t hesitate to contact us directly on +61 2 8005 1108.


If you are seeking migration assistance and representation, you can contact Jason Ling, Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyer, directly on +61 2 8005 1108 or email


We speak fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Indonesian, Korean, French and Malay. If these aren’t your language, we can also help you arrange an interpreter.


We look forward to assisting you.


Yours sincerely,

Agape Henry Crux











1. What does the merger announcement involve?

Today we announce that Crux Migration have officially merged with Agape Henry & Co., also known as Agape Immigration. The Merger took place on 1 April 2019.

2. What is the name of the new firm?

From 1 April 2019, Crux Migration and Agape Immigration will operate under one name; Agape Henry Crux.

3. Will the terms of engagement change for existing matters/clients under Crux Migration?

No changes will be made to Crux Migration terms of engagement for existing matters/clients.

4. Will the lawyer or team taking care of my case change?

No changes to the lawyer or team. Kris and the current Crux team will continue to work on ALL EXISTING matters/clients.

5. Will there be delays in lodging my application because of the merger?

No, all application preparation and lodgement will not be affected by the merger. Kris and the team are still able to continue working on all matters without delays.

6. Will the hourly rate for consultation change?

We are no longer taking consultation bookings under Crux Migration.

Under the operation of the new firm Agape Henry Crux, hourly rate for consultations will change to reflect all immigration lawyers experience and expertise. You can find out more about consultation fee and how to book at Agape Henry Crux.

7. Will Crux contact details change?

Yes, from 1 April 2019 our contact details will change to +61 2 7200 2715.

For ALL EXISTING clients, our emails will remain as

For ALL NEW ENQUIRY please call us or email us on

8. Will the address of the office change?

Yea, our new address is Level 32, 320 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

9. Are there any conflicts of interest?

There are no conflicts of interest that we are aware of.

10. Will there be any changes to the services we offer?

We will continue to offer our existing services, as well as, offer wider range of Australian visa services.