New Sponsored Parent Visa (Subclass 870) To Be Commence on 1 July 2019

On 1 March 2019, Minister Coleman announced that sponsors who wish to sponsor their parent under the new five-year Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa subclass 870 will be able to submit their sponsorship application from 17 April 2019.

The stages are somewhat similar to the sponsored work visa, but without the nomination stage. Once the sponsorship application for the new Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa is approved, the applicant will be able to lodge their visa application. The visa application is intended to open from 1 July 2019.

Whilst the legislation for this visa subclass has not been drafted to confirm this implementation, the Department has announced the following general information.

Eligibility Criteria for the New Sponsored Parent Visa

To be eligible for this visa, a parent:


  • Must be the biological, adoptive or step-parent of the sponsor
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be outside of Australia
  • Provide evidence of access to funds
  • Provide evidence of health insurance
  • No outstanding public health debt
  • Satisfy health, character and national security requirements

Unlike other parent visa subclasses, Applicant is not required to meet the balance of family test to apply for the Sponsored Parent visa (subclass 870).

Important: Applicants must wait until the sponsorship application is approved before lodging their visa application and must lodge their visa application with 6 months of sponsorship approval

Visa application charge is said to be:

  • AUD 5,000 for visa up to 3 years
  • AUD 10,000 for visa up to 5 years

Sponsorship for the New Parent Visa

Sponsors who wish to sponsor their parent must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen who has been usually resident in Australia for four years
  • Meet a minimum household income threshold
  • Have no adverse information unless it is reasonable to disregard the information
  • Have no debts to the Commonwealth or public health debts unless appropriate arrangements have been made
  • Provide police clearance
  • Authorize information to be shared with the visa applicant

Sponsorship application charge is said to be AUD 420.


You can read more about the New Sponsored Parent visa on the Department’s website.

How Can Crux Help

If you are unsure about your eligibility for the new Sponsored Parent visa (Subclass 870), we can help you!

Our Immigration Lawyer and Migration Agent can assess your eligibility and help you understand all requirements involved. We can also assist you with all stages involved in the application.


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