Top 10 Jobs That Can Lead to Permanent Residency in Australia

Permanent Residency in Australia? Who could possibly say no!

Whilst Australia may be known to have one of the toughest immigration laws in the world, it is also known to have one of the biggest immigration programs. Australia has been offering 190,000 permanent residency places consistently since the FY2012-2013.

128,550 (68.9%) places are allocated to the skilled stream program which includes:

  • Employer Sponsored
  • Skilled Independent
  • State & Territory and Regional Sponsored
  • Business Innovation & Investment Program
  • Distinguished Talent

Why? Because there is actually a large skill gap in Australia.

How Many Places Are Allocated to General Skilled Migration?

The General Skilled Migration consists of Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visa, State & Territory (subclass 190) and Regional Sponsored (subclass 489) migration.

The Department has allocated 43,990 places to the Skilled Independent subclass 189 visa (34.2% of total skill stream migration program). That’s 43,990 permanent residencies for one visa subclass alone!

The benefits of applying for the subclass 189 is you are not required to be sponsored by an employer, nor be nominated by an Australian state. You will be free to live and work anywhere in Australia as a permanent resident if the 189 visa is granted.

In addition, 28,850 places are allocated to the State & Territory (subclass 190) and Regional Sponsored (subclass 489) migration (22.4% of total skill stream migration program). To be eligible for these pathways, the applicant is only required to meet the minimum 65 points.


Top 10 Occupations That are High in Demand but Low in Number of Applicants

Even though there are 72,840 permanent residency places available in the General Skilled Migration Program, they are allocated to different occupations. And you guessed it – some occupations are more popular than others, and some have higher occupation ceilings than others too.

According to the most recent invitation round (11 September 2018), popular occupations such as Accountants require at least 80 points to be at least considered for an invitation to apply for the 189 visa. Another example is ICT Business and System Analysts which require at least 75 points.

Due to high levels of demand, the above occupations are also considered pro-rata occupations. What this means is the Department has allocated a specific number of invitations for each round to ensure there are invitations available throughout the financial year.

In contrast, the following top 10 occupations can be seen to be in low demand (or least popular among migrants) but are in high demand in Australia. This can be seen through the number of places available versus the number of invitations issued as of 11 September 2018.

Occupation ID Occupations Occupation Ceiling 2018 – 2019 Invitations as of 11 September 2018
2544 Registered Nurses 17,322 293
3411 Electricians 9,303 12
2414 Secondary School Teachers 8480 86
3312 Carpenters and Joiners 8,372 5
3232 Metal Fitters and Machinists 6,989 2
3212 Motor Mechanics 6,099 9
1331 Construction Managers 5,982 7
3341 Plumbers 5,766 2
1213 Livestock Farmers 4,841 0
3223 Structural Steel and Welding Trades Workers 4,639 2

As the above occupations are not popular, having the minimum eligibility points of 65 can score you an invitation to apply for a permanent residency in Australia!

How Do I Assess My Eligibility for The General Skilled Migration?

There are various stages that you must go through as an applicant. However, the basic stages of determining your eligibility before beginning the visa application processes are as follow.

Firstly, we suggest checking that your occupation is on the skilled occupations lists.

If you are looking to apply for the subclass 190 or subclass 489 make sure you check that your occupation is available in that particular state or regional area of that state as well.

The next stage we want to suggest is reading the position description as specified on ANZSCO. For example, if you are applying as a Plumber, the position description will specify the qualification and tasks required to be qualified as a Plumber in Australia. This will assist you in determining whether you will be eligible to apply for the General Skilled Migration through the occupation.

The other crucial step you need to check is your points! Points are accumulated through factors such as your age, qualification, and work experience. If you have the minimum requirement of 65 points for one of the above 10 occupations, we definitely recommend applying!

How Can Crux Help

If you are unsure about your eligibility for the General Skilled Migration, we can help you!

Our Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents at Crux Migration (also known as Agape Henry Crux) can assess your eligibility and help you understand all requirements involved. We can also assist you with all stages involved in the application.


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