6 Important Factors to Prevent A Partner Visa Refusal

Let’s have a look at 6 important factors to prevent a Partner visa refusal. The Partner visa, commonly known as a de facto visa or spouse visa, is one of the most expensive visa application processes in Australia. With the visa application charge alone being AUD7,160, you want to get it right the first time.

Source: Department of Home Affairs

Because of its expensive application fee, many couples tend to prepare and lodge the Partner visa application themselves. And honestly – it’s very common. 59.6% of Partner visa applications lodged in FY2016/2017 were without appointing a migration agent.

However, if you are going to do it, we suggest investing your time in researching about the visa, read recent blogs and forums, make notes and BE ORGANISE.

Source: Department of Home Affairs

 You’d be surprised to know that the total number of Partner visa applications lodged without a migration agent that was refused in FY2016/2017 was 47%!

You are paying AUD7,160 and you will be investing time and effort to lodge your Partner visa application. Don’t be careless.

Let’s have a look at 6 important factors to prevent a Partner visa refusal.

1. The Form 888

The Form 888s are an important part of the Partner visa application.

It is extremely important that the information written on the form is consistent with the rest of your de facto visa application. You need to check and check and check again!

Keep in mind that the Form 888s are not written by you or your partner. They are written by your friends, family or colleagues who have been witnessing your relationship. If the information written on the form is inconsistent with what you had stated in your application – it will be an issue.

Answer the question.

It’s important that the supporting witness answer the questions on the Form 888 correctly. For example, one of the questions on the form asks if they believe the relationship is genuine and why.  

The answer shouldn’t be something like “Yes, because I have witnessed their relationship from the very beginning…”

It can be answered better by saying something like “I believe that A and S relationship is genuine and continuing. The reason being is because…”.

2. Insufficient Evidence

Not providing sufficient evidence for the Partner visa application is another reason for a Partner visa refusal.

There are four criteria you must satisfy in order for the Partner visa to be approved.

If you haven’t realised already, you will cover these four criteria in your relationship statement. You then will need to provide evidence to prove your claim.

But how much is enough evidence?

There are no real numbers to how many evidence you need to provide. For example, we always suggest our clients provide approximately 30-40 photos. We then put them together and annotate them accordingly (usually word document then, save as pdf).

Put yourself in the Case Officer’s shoes. Case officers assess hundreds of applications every day, so they probably don’t want to see hundreds of photos of you and your partner because there are other evidence they need to assess.

3. Inconsistent Dates

Dates! Dates! Dates!

It’s extremely important that all dates on your Partner visa application are consistent with each other. Don’t give the Department reasons to question the integrity of your application!

The best way to ensure that you don’t mess this up is to create a timeline of your relationship and ensure you and your Partner are aware of those dates. This will help you when filling in forms and writing your relationship statements.

4. Understanding the Questions

This may seem a bit odd…obviously you will understand the questions if you’re reading this.

What we mean is, understand what the Department is asking from you! When you start the application, you will soon realise that some of the questions are repeated and some are kind of the same but worded differently.

For example, one of the questions on the form asks, “date committed de facto relationship” and then later on it asks, “date applicant and sponsor committed to a shared life together to the exclusion of all other”. In your opinion, do you think both questions mean the same?

The answer is yes. This is the date that you and your partner consider yourselves to be in a de facto relationship i.e. when you officially started living together. Make sure that the dates are consistent throughout your application.

If you enter different dates or answer questions incorrectly it will jeopardise your application!

5. Failing to Satisfy Character Requirement

character-criteriaBoth you and your partner will need to satisfy the character requirement to be granted a Partner visa.

If you are unsure of whether you or your partner will satisfy this, we suggest requesting a police clearance before you start the application. It’s better to pay AUD43 (Australian AFP) then AUD7,160 and get the Partner visa refused.

If there is nothing to worry about, then GREAT! However, if you are concern about certain records that appear on your police clearance then we suggest seeking advice from a Registered Migration Agent or Immigration lawyer. Whilst certain character records can be waived, it requires an understanding of the law to prepare the Partner visa application and overcome the hurdle.

6. Failing to Correspond to The Department’s Requests

This is extremely important.

When the Department contacts you requesting further documents, you will be given a timeframe of how long you have to respond to the request.

Failing to respond to the Department’s request will most likely result in a Partner visa refusal.

This does happen, and we have seen it.

Whilst you can request for an extension of time, it must be done before the deadline!

The Partner visa processing time can be from 13 – 26 months (shorter if you are lucky!), you don’t want to wait all those time to receive a refusal.  Make sure you check your ImmiAccount and email (including your junk and spam inbox) on a regular basis to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

How Can Crux Migration Help

We can help guide you through the entire Partner visa application process and help you prepare all documents involved, ensuring that documents meet requirements before we lodge your application. We can represent you from start and until a decision is made on your application.

You can book a consultation with our Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents at Agape Henry Crux (also known as Crux Migration). They who will assess your eligibility and tailor your partner visa application in accordance with your relationship circumstances.


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