Is Age Gap A Significant Factor For The Partner Visa?

It is undeniable that sometimes age gap between a couple can be a concern to them because of how society portrays it. Many of us have met or known someone who is in a relationship with their partner whose age is much greater than them.


But why does it matter?

Love is love, and if they are happy because they have found their other half then that is all that matters – isn’t it? Does this apply to the Partner visa too? Will the Department think the same? Will the Department make a decision on a Partner Visa application based on age gap?

Let’s take a look closer at whether the age gap is a significant factor in deciding whether the Partner visa application will be granted or not.

What Is Considered to Be A Significant Age Gap?

For us, there is no ‘real’ number.

You and your partner can be 3 years, 10 years, 20 years or 30 years apart, there will always be someone who thinks that it is a ‘significant’ age gap.

But the reality is, it doesn’t matter. Who are we to judge? Who is the Department to judge?

Age gaps are fairly normal and are more common than you think.

Do Age Gaps Matter in Partner Visa Application?

We have seen it all, from 3 years to 30 years age gap (and sometimes more!) – at the end of the day, it’s all about showing your commitment and how genuine you are to each other.

The Department assesses Partner visa application based on the genuineness of your relationship. They do this through the four criteria or what is commonly known as the four pillars.

The Department cannot and will not make a decision to refuse your Partner visa application because there is an age gap between you and your partner.

The Partner visa is about providing sufficient evidence to prove you and your partner are in a genuine and continuing relationship by satisfying the four criteria of the Partner visa.

If your application were to be refused it would most likely be because you did not provide enough evidence and the Department does not believe that your relationship is genuine and continuing.

In What Circumstances Will Age Gap Be an Issue?

A genuine relationship can exist no matter how old you or your partner are, or how big the age gap is.

Love has no boundary and age is just a number!

Whether you are 5 years or 30 years apart, the Department wants to see that you are committed to each other and can prove your commitment by providing supporting evidence in the Partner visa application.

In a situation where it may be of concern would be, for example, marriage scam. This is where the sponsor offers to marry and sponsor the applicant in return for monetary value or other forms of agreement. This does happen – an example is when this migrant was offered a fake marriage for $100,000 to stay in Australia. If the Department suspects that your application may not be genuine, they can and will scrutinize your application for more supporting evidence or even refuse your application without requesting for more information.

Another reason why it may be of concern is where the Department believes that the applicant did not consent to apply for the Partner visa. This is to protect the applicant from trafficking for sexual exploitation or other harmful practices. The Department is committed to eradicating this issue domestically, regionally and internationally.

Ready To Start Your Partner Visa Application?

Here is a good place to start – read the 6 Things You Should Know About Partner Visa Application.

How Can Crux Migration Help

We can help guide you through the entire Partner visa application process and help you prepare all documents involved, ensuring that documents meet requirements before we lodge your application. We can represent you from start and until a decision is made on your application.

You can book a consultation with us so that our Migration Agent can assess your eligibility and tailor your partner visa application in accordance with your relationship circumstances.


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