Top 3 Crucial Partner Visa Questions Asked by Our Readers

Question 1: My partner rents a house, and everything is under his name. How can we prove that we are living together and sharing bills?

Showing financial and household evidence can sometimes be tricky but not impossible!

Although many couples prefer to have joint names for everything, it is totally ok if only your partner’s name is on the lease and bills! Keep in mind that no two relationships are the same and case officers are well aware of that.

Whilst your name may not be on the lease, you can provide other evidence to prove that you and your partner are cohabitating. For example, you can provide proof of mails, letters or bank statements that clearly state your name (and your partner’s name) and the address matching your partner’s.

Another example is you can ask your landlord, real estate agent, housemates, or family member (if you are living in their house) to write you a statement confirming your cohabitation.

If you are contributing to the rent and utility bills, do you transfer money from your bank account to your partner’s? If yes, you can provide your personal bank statement showing the highlighted contribution to household expenses.

Lastly, the relationship statement written by you and your partner is an extremely helpful piece of evidence to further describe the nature of your household and the financial aspect of your relationship. Check out these 10 most important factors to consider when writing your relationship statement for helpful tips.

Question 2: At the beginning of our relationship my partner (the sponsor) usually paid for dates and dinners and most of the time I would repay him in cash. It means that I have no proof of sharing finances. Could it be an issue to prove the financial aspects of our relationship?

It is not an issue. In fact, it is a good way to show the financial commitment where you don’t mind spending money on each other as opposed to say, for example, friends who split all bills.

Use the relationship statement to demonstrate each pillar of your relationship and how your relationship evolved.

Question 3: We applied for a Partner visa yesterday. At what stage will I be asked to upload all of our supporting evidence?

We get this question a lot.

Whilst there is no real timeframe to when you need to upload supporting evidence for your Partner visa application, the sooner the better. The Department has made it clear that they will no longer issue a request for further information should there be missing documents on your application. If a case officer is assigned to your application, for example, within the first three months of lodgement, and no (or not enough) documents are there to support your Partner vis application, the Department has the power to refuse your application straight away.

At Crux Migration, we aim to prepare a Front Loaded Application. This is where at least 85% of the documents are ready at time of lodgement. We also upload ongoing supporting documents everything 2-3 months to keep the Department informed, and this sometimes often results in a quicker decision.

Keep in mind that documents like police clearance and medicals can take time to be obtained. Read The Importance of Lodging a Decision Ready Partner Visa Application and discover how one of our clients got her application processing delayed as she received her police clearance at a later date.

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How Can Crux Migration Help

Crux Migration can help guide you through the entire Partner visa application process and help you prepare all documents involved, ensuring that documents meet requirements before we lodge your application. We can represent you from start and until a decision is made on your application.

You can book a consultation with our Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents at Agape Henry Crux (also known as Crux Migration). We can assess your eligibility and tailor your partner visa application in accordance with your relationship circumstances.


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