10 Important Factors to Consider When Writing Your Partner Visa Relationship Statement

The Australia Partner visa application is an extremely informational and extensive process. Not only will you need to submit various application forms, but the application must also be supported by extensive evidence of your relationship.

One of the most important evidence that you need to submit with your Partner visa application is your Statement of Relationship, or commonly known as the Relationship Statement, or what some people call it – the “relationship support letter”.

It is important to note that every relationship is unique, so each relationship statement will be different depending on the length and nature of the relationship.

This article will go through the 10 most important factors to consider when writing your relationship statement.

This article does not constitute formal or legal advice. If you have concerns about the aspects of your relationship, you can book a Partner Visa Consultation with Crux Migration to obtain legal advice from our Immigration Lawyer.

What is a Partner Visa Relationship Statement?

The statement of relationship is an extremely important document to support your Partner visa application. Both the sponsor (your partner) and applicant (you) must each provide a personal written statement.

A statement of relationship for the spouse visa is a personal statement written by you and your partner detailing the nature of your relationship in your own words. It is extremely important that this statement is written accurately and consistently, matching with your application forms and related evidence for your partner visa application.

Let’s take a look at 10 most important factors to consider when writing your relationship statement for the Partner visa.

1.    How, When and Where Did You Meet Your Partner?

This is a great starting point for your relationship statement.

Starting with how, when and where you first met explains the starting point of your relationship. Always remember that you are writing for someone, who doesn’t know you or your partner and doesn’t know anything about your relationship, to read. You want to make your relationship statement as easy as possible for the case officer to understand.

You need to be open and honest about what you are writing. If you don’t remember certain events or the exact date of when you first met, don’t make it up! Use terms like “…early December 2016” or “…late December 2016” to replace the date. It is only human nature to forget things that never occurred to us. If the department decides to interview you and/or your partner, one or both of you will forget! Your partner visa application can get refused…you can be banned from Australia for providing bogus information…things can get very messy.

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2.    How Did Your Relationship Develop?

Writing about how your relationship had developed from when you first met or first started talking to each other is a great way to tell the department how genuine your relationship really is.

You can mention when you considered your relationship to have started and how special it was for you. Were you travelling together when this all happened? Were any of your friends or family around? How did you agree to become each other’s partners and why?

These are examples of important information you may want to consider and mention when writing your relationship statement, as it shows the genuineness of your relationship.

3.    Significant Events That Occurred in Your Relationship

Have there been any significant events that had occurred during your relationship in which you considered to be meaningful?

Were you supporting each other emotionally when one was experiencing significant stress from work? Was your partner there to be your crying shoulder? Are you engaged or married?

These are examples that one may consider being significant in their relationship. Being married or in a de facto relationship is much more than just being each other’s girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s important to remember that when the department assesses your Partner visa, they also want to see that you are supporting each other in good times and bad.

4.    Demonstrating the Nature of Your Household

It can sometimes be hard to demonstrate the Household criteria of your Partner visa application in the form of evidence.

Letting the department know how you both run your household in your relationship statement can be extremely helpful.

You can mention factors like how you both carry out household duties e.g. do you take turn to cook and clean or do you everything together? Who does the grocery shopping? Who is responsible to take the kids to school? If you have pets, how do you both help each other to take care of them?

These factors are examples of things that you can mention. It may not be important to think about, but it is important for your partner visa application!

Tell the department what you do at home together as a de facto or married couple!

5.    Do Your Friends and Family Know About Your Relationship?

If you are in an open, honest and genuine relationship your friends and family should know about your relationship.

A genuine relationship doesn’t just mean you and your partner. The department wants to see that your friends and family are also aware and have contributed to certain events that had occurred during your relationship.

It’s worth to mention factors such as, when and how you had introduced each other to your friends and family and whether they are supportive.

Also, think about things like: did you receive joint invitations to attend parties; any activities you have done together with your family; and/or whether you have met each other’s colleagues.

These factors are also very important to think about as they contribute to how open and honest you are about your relationship.

6.    The Financial in Your Relationship

The department considers financial support to be one of the main factors in demonstrating a genuine relationship for the Partner visa application.

Talk about how you support each other financially. Mention whether you have a joint bank account and how you contribute to this account. Do you have joint assets together? Do you have any joint purchases? Are utility bills in both of your names? Have you sent money to each other if one of you are overseas?

The department understands not all relationships will have things like joint assets or a joint bank account. It’s not the end of the world for your Partner visa! You can always talk about how you help each other pay for groceries, or how you pay dinner or lunch when you go out. If you’ve travelled together, talk about how you help each other pay for your trips.

Proving financial requirement for the Partner visa does not necessarily mean you need to have joint accounts in everything. It’s all about “how” you support each other financially where necessary.

7.    Were You Ever Separated During Your Relationship?

Being separated doesn’t just mean that your partner is living offshore, and you are living in Australia. It includes any period that you were apart during your relationship, whether it be 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months.

You may be working in a job that requires you to travel all the time or you may have gone travelling with your friends or family without your partner at one point. Tell the department how you kept in touch during this period. How often do you talk? Do you talk every day? Do you call each other, message or video call?

This is important for your Partner visa application!  It may seem like it’s not worth mentioning but it can be very important when justifying your relationship statement and demonstrating the genuineness of your relationship.

If you haven’t been apart since you started your relationship, then great! Mention that.  If you want to, you can always mention how you message each other during the day while at work to keep each other updated about how your day is going.

8.    Your future plans

What are your plans for the future? Are you planning to get married? Do you plan to have children? Do you plan to buy a house together? Do you have plans to travel abroad? Are you planning to open a business together?

Having plans like these shows that you want to have a promising future together. This is very important as the Partner visa program is for de facto and married couples to prove the genuineness of their relationship.

9.    Dates are Extremely Important for Partner Visa Application

We cannot stress this enough – dates are extremely important when it comes to the Partner visa application.

The department wants to know things like the date you first started talking, when you first met in person, when you considered your relationship to be official, when you first moved in together or if you’re married or engaged, when did this occur?

The dates you specify in your relationship statement must be consistent with your application and any other documents or evidence you submit. Inconsistency in your application can cause your application to be refused as it can entail that your relationship is not genuine.

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10. The Length of Your Relationship Statement

This is probably one of the most common questions. How much do you have to write or how much can you actually write?

Ideally, you want to cover important aspects of your relationship for the Partner visa application. At Crux Migration, we always recommend our clients to write about 2-3 pages and no more than 4 pages. If you don’t dwell too much on certain things/events then generally, you should be able to cover everything in 2-4 pages (even if you’ve been in a long-term relationship).

It may be a good idea to list or plan your relationship statement out before you start writing. This will ensure consistency as well as create structure in your statement of relationship for the Partner visa application.

You probably don’t want to read a 10-page statement and so won’t the department. Remember your partner visa application is not the only one the department is assessing. The department has to read thousands of Partner visa relationship statements.  Be clear, consistent and straight to the point!

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