5 Common Mistakes That May Cause Your Visa Application To Be Refused

It’s no secret that Australian migration is becoming harder, and not to mention, immigration law in Australia changes all the time!

So why has it become so hard? Well, the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) takes the safety and security of visa applicants very seriously. There has been political focus on security and fight against crime and fraud.

In February 2018, DoHA officially stated that they believe 70% of the Permanent employment visas are ‘high risk’.

In the information session hosted by DoHA earlier this year, it was stated that the visa refusal rate for Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) is 30% and for RSMS (subclass 187) as a whole is 50% (read more).

Not only that, when we requested for “freedom of information” from the department about visa refusal rate for Partner visa applications that had been lodged without proper assistance from a Migration Agent in the last 2 financial year, the result as a whole was also 50% (see more)!

So what does this mean? Stricter processing!

Yes, it is most likely that some Australian visa refusals were because applicants were never eligible in the first place. But it is also definite that some visa refusals were due to mistakes caused on the application.

Let’s take a look at the 5 common mistakes that may result in visa rejection.

  1. Not providing enough supporting evidence


Believe it or not, this is extremely common for applicants that have lodged their visa application on their own.

Each type of Australian visa will have its own requirements, therefore, supporting documents required for each visa will be different. You also need to be aware that the information and supporting documents you provide for the visa application will depend on your personal circumstances as well.

Remember, just because you’re applying for the same visa as your friends or family does not mean you will be providing the exact same documents as them.

The visa requirements are there for a reason! You must demonstrate that you meet all requirements based on your personal circumstances in order to get a positive outcome for your visa application.

We cannot stress this enough – make sure you are honest, accurate and consistent. Make sure that your Australian visa application contains all the information and supporting documents necessary to avoid refused visa application.

DoHA may refuse your application if there is not enough evidence to support your visa application.

Do your research before you start, remember, there is no such thing as too much information.

  1. Failing to response to DoHA’s request

Another common mistake is not checking your email and ImmiAccount on a regular basis!

DoHA will contact you as part of the application process and it is very likely that they will request for further information. The email/request will specifically state the type of information needed as well as the timeframe you have to upload further documents to support your visa application.

Failing to response to DoHA’s request may result in visa rejection.

We strongly advise that you check your ImmiAccount on a regular basis, and don’t forget to check all email inbox including your spam inbox!

  1. Documents/files uploaded are poor quality and the format is incorrect

This is a no-no!

DoHA is very specific about the type of file format that can be uploaded. The guidelines are there for a reason. Make you sure you check and read the instructions thoroughly before you start uploading.

Another common mistake that may result in Australian visa rejection is the quality of documents or supporting evidence that you upload.

Say bye to CamScanner and go buy yourself a scanner! It honestly doesn’t cost that much… seriously, Officeworks sells one for $26! You will thank us later.

Poor quality documents may delay your visa application processing and may even result in visa refusal.

It’s extremely important that the files are formatted correctly and of high quality. This is very important for those who are applying for a Partner visa where evidence like photos or passport copy will need to be uploaded.

If the documents are not clear DoHA won’t be able to read it!

If you’re looking at applying for a Partner visa we suggest you read our blog on the 6 Things You Should Know About Partner Visa Application.

  1. Uploading the wrong documents


The big question is, how organised are you as a person?

When it comes to applying for your own Australian visa, being organised is crucial!

We’re currently acting for a client who has had a visa refusal because he uploaded the wrong document by relying on the filename of the document. Believe us…this is very common.

At Crux Migration, file management is one of our main priority. We have folders to separate the types of evidence for each of our client’s file, as well as labels for all supporting documents.

A great example is for all our Partner visa clients (thanks to our genius Immigration Lawyer Kris and Migration Agent Mary for coming up with this), we’ve created separate folders for different documents associated to different parts of the application, for example,  Identification, Cohabitation, Commitment, Social and Financial. In each folder, we’ll label each file in accordance with what they are and what they are for. For example, for Passport, we’ll label V.Passport – Applicant or for Social we’ll label V.Social – Facebook.

Note: “V” stands for visa.

Why do we do this? Because not only will it save us time and headache when attaching documents, we’re also eliminating errors (or silly mistakes) that can be caused when uploading documents to zero. We’re all about efficiency and this is how you can become efficient when preparing your visa application.

Don’t let silly mistakes be the cause of your visa refusal!

Create folders and label your supporting documents correctly! It will make a huge difference.

  1. Don’t be lazy!

What are you waiting for? Don’t wait until last minute to apply for your visa. If you are eligible for a visa now, then apply now.

Anything can happen. DoHA’s system may crash (which happens all the time!) or there may be other unforeseen circumstances that will prevent you from lodging your visa application and supporting documents.

Also, Australian immigration laws and policies change ALL the time.

A great example of this is, since April 2017, ongoing announcements from DoHA were made to the whole world that they were going to change the employment visas in March 2018 (and they did!). Although we were told what to expect, confirmation of the changes and implementation date were only announced to us (and the public) a few days before.

Unlike Visitor visa, applications like the Partner visa, Contributory Parent visa, Skilled visas and employer sponsored visas can take weeks (and maybe even months) to prepare.

The crux is if you are eligible now, apply now. Tomorrow the system may crash or worse, you may not be eligible for the visa at all.

And there you have it, the 5 common mistakes that may cause your Australian visa rejection. Although some visa refusal reasons may be beyond your control because extensive knowledge in immigration law may be required, or you may not have access to more extensive legislation or policy of the visa as only Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents have access to that. BUT, if you’ve decided that you are going to apply for the visa on your own then you should at least do it properly! Don’t risk your visa application because of laziness or carelessness. Immigration law in Australia is not something that you can play around with. Know the criteria and requirements of the visa before you begin!

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