How to Calculate The New Income Requirement for the Assurers

!!BREAKING: Backdown on parent visa sponsorship change!!

Social Services Minister Dan Tehan was forced to back down on his proposal to increase income requirements for people wanting to sponsor their parents to Australia

The minister contacted Senator McKim to confirm the government would return to the old arrangements.

– Updated 21 May 2018

Two weeks ago, we posted an article updating you about the changes to the amount of Assurance of Support (AoS) and the new income requirement (click HERE to read more) for the assurers for Family Sponsored visas.

The article stated that on 28 March 2018, the Department of Social Securities have introduced a new law with the following updates:

  1. increase the value of Assurances of Support (AoS); and
  2. increase the income required to be permitted to provide an AoS

Whilst the exact amount of AoS was clearly stated by the Department of Social Securities, the new income requirement was not. You will need to calculate this on your own and for those where mathematics is not your area of expertise, this may be complicated.

Kris Ahn, Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law (read more about Kris HERE), has created a formula to help you calculate your total income.

Assurer income requirement

The Department of Human Services website contains information on how to become an Assurer. See HERE.

If you think this effects or will affect you, inquire with us today!

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