The Top 5 Benefits of Becoming an Australian Citizen

Are you ready to take the next big step and become an Australian citizen? Benefits! Benefits! Benefits! YES…Australian citizens have more benefits than Permanent Residents!

Here are 5 things Australian citizens CAN DO that Permanent resident CANNOT!

1- You can travel out of Australia and return WHENEVER YOU WANT!

Travel and re-enter Australia hassle free! YEEESSS.

Well, it’s true that a permanent resident can live in Australia indefinitely, BUT can you travel and re-enter Australia freely? The answer is NO – you need to re-apply for a Resident Return Visa (RRV) every time your travel facility period expires!

Also, if you fail the “good character test” when applying for your RRV, the responsible minister can revoke your permanent residency and you can be deported (probably the last thing you’d want).

As an Australia citizen, you can travel in and out of Australia freely, for as longggggg as you want without having to apply for an RRV.

We may be emphasizing this, but it’s TRUE – being an Australian citizen allows you to stay indefinitely in Australia AND travel out of Australia and return whenever you want!

2- You can get an Australian passport

Becoming an Australian citizen means you can apply for an Australian passport!

The Australian passport is among the world’s most powerful passports in the world. According to Passport Index, it can get you into 157 countries without a visa.

And guess what? If your current passport doesn’t allow you to fast track through the SmartGates at the Australian airport – Australian Passport CAN! Travel hassle-free without having to waste time queueing up at custom!

3- You can defer study costs with HECS-HELP

Although permanent residents can enrol into Australian universities as domestic students and pay much lower fees compared to international students – they CANNOT access HECS-HELP.

As an Australian citizen, you have access to HECS, the federal government’s Higher Education Loan Program, a loan that allows you to defer your study costs until you earn enough annual salary to start repaying it back.

4- Your kids can become Australian citizens too

If you’re planning to have children in the future, becoming an Australian citizen means they too, will become an Australian citizen by decent when they are born (yes…pretty much from the second that they are born if you’re an Australian citizen at the time of their birth).

This means they will have the same rights and privileges as any Australian-born child!

5- You can vote

Actually, you MUST vote. Under the federal electoral law, it is compulsory for all eligible Australian citizens over 18 to enrol and vote in federal elections, by-elections and referendums. Failing to do so can result in a fine and potentially a day in court (unless you provide valid and sufficient reasons why).

You will be able to actively take part in the democratic process and help to shape Australia’s future. And you can even stand for election as a local councillor, state of federal MP, or senator.

Are you eligible for Australian citizenship?

If you are eligible, you should consider applying as soon as possible. The new requirements for Australian citizenship (subject to the passage of legislation) will come into effect on 1 July 2018 and may impact your eligibility.

If the Bill passes, some of the new requirements will include:

  • you will need to be living in Australia for a minimum of 4 years as a permanent resident immediately before you apply, with no more than 1 year spent outside Australia during that period.
  • complete separate English language test demonstrating a modest level in listening, speaking, writing and reading before applying for your citizenship by conferral
  • Additional new Australian citizenship test questions which can only mean a more difficult citizenship test!

Read more on Proposed Changes to Australian Citizenship.

The current eligibility requirement? You must have lived in Australia for the last 4 years, including the last 12 months as a permanent resident (instead of 4 years as a permanent resident!). See full requirement for citizenship by conferral.

So what are you waiting for? Less than 3 months left before 1 July – take action today!

Contact Agape Henry Crux (formally known as Crux Migration) and let us help you achieve your Australian dream!


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