Partner Visa (sc 820/801 & 309/100) Refusal Rates Without a Migration Agent

As you are aware, information and checklists for all visa applications are easily accessible through the Department of Home Affairs’ website, including Partner visas.

Partner visa is one application that people commonly prefer to do themselves, and some will seek assistance from a Registered Migration Agent for assurance and support.

We always tell our clients that migration law is one of the most complex law in Australia, not because we’re trying to scare them, but because we want them to be aware just as much as we are aware, that you really need to have the knowledge and know exactly what you are doing to achieve the best possible outcome for your application.

Remember that every relationship is different. Your relationship with your partner is not going to be the same as your friend’s relationship with their partner.

Even if you are applying for the exact same Partner visa application, the information your friend provide to the department will most likely be different to what you will have to provide for your own application.

At the start of this year, we submitted a Freedom of Information request to the department to obtain statistics regarding all Partner visa subclasses.

We wanted to know:

  1. How many Partner visas were submitted in total in the financial year 2015/2016 and 2016/2017?
  2. How many were onshore and how many were offshore?
  3. The total number of Partner visa applications without appointing a migration agent?
  4. And lastly, what were the refusal rates for those applications that did not use a Migration Agent.

The numbers were shocking.

This is why we always stress that just because you may have friends and/or family who have gone through the process and tell you what to do, it does not mean that whatever they did will apply to you too.

No matter how confident you are, you should always consult an expert about your visa situation and eligibility. It is a Registered Migration Agents’ job and duties to know migration law, just as how it is your duties to know your job.

The below video answers all our questions listed above.

If you’re planning to apply for a Partner visa, book a consultation with our Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents today. We’ll assess your eligibility and advice you on the best approach for your application.\


4 thoughts on “Partner Visa (sc 820/801 & 309/100) Refusal Rates Without a Migration Agent

  1. I had a freind who applied for a permanent resident visa 4 years ago. He did apply through a registered migration agent. His visa got rejected because migration agent failed to respond to email request from immigration. Go figure

    1. Hi Sunny, we’re sorry to hear that that had happened to your friend. It’s a horrible thing to experience especially migration process requires the applicant to have trust in the agent. Hope your friend was able to solve this issue!

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