Subclass 190 Visa – Adding a New Born Baby

This family was assisted by another Immigration law firm to obtain the Subclass 190 visa (permanent residency). The permanent residency was granted to all family members, except their newborn child – Why? With our knowledge of migration law, we took on the challenge.

This case highlights our ability to do four of the most important values that took this case to the finish line.

  1. Work Remotely: We’ve never met the client

The client was referred to us by one of our clients.

The enquiry was unique. The Client explained that he is a holder of a Subclass 190 Skilled visa (PR), have two children where one obtained the visa with the family and the other did not.

We were rather confused by what he meant. He then explained that his second child was born during the application process.

The Client was in Sydney, but because he had pre-planned to travel to Lebanon, he could not come in to meet us. By that time, he had left Australia with the family for this short trip.

The child without the Australian visa had also left with him and his family.

  1. Working & Coordinating from the other side of the Globe: we were in different time zone.

Our instructions were simple. Get this Child a visa.

We knew from our knowledge of the law, by reg 2.08 that as the Child was born in Australia during the process of his parents’ visa application, it is deemed that he had also applied for the visa together at the same time as his parents (hence visa application date is about year and a half before his birth date!).

With the knowledge of what had needed to be prepared, we have advised our Clients who were then in Lebanon, to prepare certain documents and information, and worked with them via email and international telephone calls to ensure everything was in order.

  1. Working Under a Strict Timeline

We love challenges. Our target for this case was to ensure that the Child’s PR visa is granted before they return back to Australia, which meant we only had a window of less than 4 weeks to work with.

Given the timeframe, it seemed almost impossible to prepare all the documents as well as, get the department to approve the PR visa within the four weeks period. However, as we have worked effectively with our clients to collect all the necessary information and having advised the Clients what was to be expected, we were able to obtain the Permanent visa for the child within just 2 weeks.

  1. A unique case that the other migration lawyers failed to do

The Clients’ original Subclass 190 Visa was represented by another immigration law firm, who failed to secure the Child his visa together with the family – for unknown reason.

The Client was also advised about a Child visa, which would have easily cost about AUD 2,500 and would have taken about 12 months for it to be processed.

With our knowledge and efficiency, we have managed to save the Clients all the unnecessary costs and time, and most importantly, the Child is now able to return back to Australia with the family together as a Permanent Resident.

This case would not have been successful if it wasn’t for the trust that our clients had given us. We’d like to thank you for giving us this trust, we are truly honoured to be part of this special and heart-warming journey.

It is something like this that really pays off all our hard work and dedication.

No matter where you are in the world, no matter what visa you want to apply for, Agape Henry Crux (formally known us Crux Migration) can help you.

This is your life. Choose the best. Choose Agape Henry Crux.


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