As you are aware, Partner visa applications have a notoriously long processing time. The Department has been trying to tackle this for a while and it seems there is action being taken at last.

Attempts are being made by the Department of Home Affairs to fast track Partner visa applications with front loaded medicals and character checks!

‘Front loaded’ is a term to describe applications that are typically decision ready. Simply put, when a case officer is delegated to your Partner visa application, they are able to determine the genuineness of your relationship, see all documents are in order and proceed to approve the Partner visa without further requesting documents which lead to serious delays.

Medicals and police clearances are among those many applicants delay to obtain. In light of this update, Crux Migration advises you to:

  1. Obtain your medical examination as soon as possible. When your Partner visa is lodged, you will be able to generate what is known as a Medical Referral Letter. Crux Clients: We will send you instructions on how to book your medicals.
  2. Obtain your Police Clearance as soon as possible (you will need police clearances for all countries you have resided in 12 months or more in the last 10 years)
  3. Obtain your AFP (Australian police clearance) as soon as possible. Crux Clients: the Crux Team will assist you to obtain your AFP.

How Can Crux Help

You can book a phone, video conference or face to face Partner visa consultation with Agape Henry Crux (formally known as Crux Migration). Our Immigration Lawyer will assess your relationship circumstances and provide you with tailored advice by referencing the Law.


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