Medical Treatment Visa Granted

We’d like to take a step back in time and tell you a story of how our 2018 started.

The applicant had four weeks to treat his throat cancer or else the window for treatment will close. No medical facility in Pakistan was capable of providing him with the treatment. Ireland rejected his medical treatment visa application. His final hope – Australia.

We received an inquiry from an International student from Brisbane before the Christmas holidays. The Client found us on Google through our reviews.

The client explained his situation telling us that he is from Pakistan studying in Brisbane. His father is diagnosed with throat cancer and is at the stage where immediate medical attention is required. Due to the poor medical facilities in Pakistan, the Doctors had advised them to seek medical attention from a developed country.

After failing to apply for a Medical Treatment visa in Ireland, he wanted to bring his father to Australia to get the best treatment. The Doctor from a well-known hospital in Brisbane advised The Client that his father only has four weeks to treat his cancer or else the window for treatment will close.

In a desperate search for their last hope, he decided to seek the best Migration Agent that could help bring his father over for his treatment within this 4 week’s time limit.

Kris Ahn, Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law, took on this challenge. Despite the time difference between Australia and Pakistan, the client not being in the same city, and most importantly, the time pressure, Kris was able to work remotely and efficiently to assist The Client’s father, whose life was depending on him.

In order for this visa application to be successful, along with the visa application and supporting documents, we must also submit a compelling submission. Kris worked overtime and on weekends, liaising with The Client, his father and family who is in Pakistan and the Doctor in Brisbane to ensure that the application is done properly.

The Client’s father must receive treatment before mid-January 2018. There were obstacles and with the Christmas holidays, Boxing day and of course New Year coming up, getting the application completed and granted in time almost seemed impossible. Kris knew he had to be proficient and needed to know what he was doing in order for this case to be successful.

Thanks to the fast-changing world of technology, we were able to communicate 24/7 through emails, phone calls, WhatsApp, Line, and KakaoTalk. At last, after 18 HRS of preparation, the visa application was ready for lodgement.

The Client’s family took the visa application and all supporting documents that Kris had prepared lodged it in person in Pakistan on 28 December 2017. Miraculously, the Medical Treatment visa was granted on the 12 January 2018.

At this point in time, the applicant is receiving his treatment at a well-known hospital in Brisbane.

We’d like to thank you our client for giving us their trust. The applicant’s life was depending on this visa and even though, they have never met us in person and don’t know us personally, they still trust us with this matter. We are truly honoured to be part of this journey.

No matter where you are in the world, no matter what visa you want to apply for, Crux Migration can help you. We are open until 8:00pm and we provide 24/7 communication channel that allows us to communicate with you no matter the time difference.

This is your life. Choose the best. Choose Crux Migration.

Medical Treatment Grant Letter

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